Toying with my health

Hello welcome!
It’s been one tough week for me health-wise, I won’t lie. Mostly because I’m battling the dreaded malaria fever for close to 5 days now. And you might want to call me stupid but believe it or not, I have refused to take any malaria-related pills or … More Toying with my health


Refreshing Times

Hello, welcome!

It’s been a quiet week for me on a personal level, but elsewhere in the world, it was a really fun week. I had to come to Accra this weekend because the internet signal in my town has been very bad all week, and I needed the 4G … More Refreshing Times

Bye September

Hello, welcome!
It’s a lovely morning. Welcome to the end of September. Well, I wanted to run a blank post because I really don’t have anything new to write about, but then it’s the end of the month so I think I can write a monthly assessment of myself. But this is going to be a very short post so yeah, let’s begin. … More Bye September

Blank (writer’s block episode III)

Hello welcome!

It’s morning.

I don’t do my morning jogging routine anymore, because you know, alien on another planet (title of my new project BTW). So wake up at 5 am, sleep again until 5:30, check.

Crazy stretching exercises I convince myself its yoga, check.

I think I can feel the creative juices flowing. Its 6 am, time to write my blog. Let’s see, I have nothing to write about. No theme, no jokes, no philosophy, nothing particularly interesting about my week. I practically have no social life here, it’s all work 8 am – 6 pm Mondays to Saturdays. … More Blank (writer’s block episode III)